Drug Addiction Prayer

Is there a drug addiction prayer?

A drug addiction prayer is useful when going through detoxification.

My husband and I were addicted to painkillers that were prescribed after I sustained a severe back injury. My husband fell off our roof and broke his back, so we both deal with severe, chronic back pain. The doctor prescribed several pain medications. After one pill, we were addicted.

Even now, years later, I feel a gnawing twinge once in a while and pray this prayer.

My Heavenly Father,
You are great and holy. I am weak and needy. I need your strength, Lord, for mine is gone. Pour your healing oil over me. Let it flow from the top of my head to the bottom of my feet. As my body detoxifies, may the anointing of Jesus cover and protect me. Lead me into a small activity that will keep me busy helping someone else, and take my mind off of myself. As I do for others in your name, Lord, blanket me with your healing. I ask this with a penitent heart. I thank you, my Heavenly Father. I ask this in your Sonís holy name, Jesus, amen.

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