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Causes of Obesity

QUESTION: What are some causes of obesity?


There are many causes of obesity and they pertain to both men and women.
  • Lack of exercise - With the increase in high-tech electronics, we are spending more time with these gadgets rather than exercising.

  • Unhealthy diets - The type of food we eat is important, but also the amount of food we consume.

  • Physiological issues – How do we view ourselves? A wrong view of self could be a result of our upbringing or traumatic experiences. For example, if someone was abused as a child, a person may chose to be heavier. The abused person may gain weight to make themselves unattractive to avoid future abuse.

  • A learned behavior – If our parents were not concerned about our diets as children, or if they were obese, the child may be more comfortable being obese as an adult. Another learned behavior is eating everything on our plates as children. Now, once we are full, we still continue to eat.

  • Boredom – Sometimes, we eat because there is nothing else to do. Emotionalism, depression, and anxiety play a part in obesity. Just as some folks may feel the need to drink or smoke to calm their nerves, some people use food to feel better.

  • Metabolism – Some of us have a higher metabolic rate that breaks down food, while others have a much slower metabolic rate and cannot eat much. When a person with a slow metabolic rate eats too much, they gain weight. As we age, our metabolism slows down, and if we do not change our eating habits, obesity may be the result.

  • Health issues – If you are concerned that a health issue may be causing you to gain weight, consult your doctor.
A lack of understanding of food and how the body works may be another cause of obesity. A person may try to diet by stopping all food consumption for a couple days thinking they will lose weight. When the desired result is not reached or maintained, the person may lose hope.

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