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Unplanned Teen Pregnancy

QUESTION: Unplanned Teen Pregnancy - What are my options?


An unplanned teen pregnancy is often a time when parents, teens, and others to experience confusion and fear. The estimation is that one out of every four teen girls experience an unplanned pregnancy. It is something that affects not just young women between the ages of 15 to 19, but it also affects the birthfather, as well as the couple’s parents and friends. If you are touched by an unplanned teen pregnancy, do not panic.

If you are a pregnant teen, this unexpected event will certainly have an impact on your life whether you decide to keep your baby or to give him or her up for adoption. Regardless, you certainly are not alone in this situation. No doubt, you are probably feeling stressed and confused, but keep in mind that decisions should not be made out of panic. There is help so let’s look at what you need to do first.
  • Calmly look into all your options before deciding on any one of them.
  • Look at the long-term effects of your decision, not just what to do today.
  • Consider what will be best for the child as well as what is best for you.
Unplanned Teen Pregnancy – Considering the options
The first thought for many is that abortion is the best answer for an unplanned pregnancy. Many who have chosen this option admit that they were pressured to take this path by their parents or the baby’s father only later to have regrets. Your personal values also play a huge role in this decision as life begins at conception.

Next you may consider keeping the baby. Perhaps you’ve always looked forward to be a mom, but the timing is not right. This is where doing a lot of research for pregnancy helps are of great benefit. If you are to remain unmarried, talk to other single moms of varying ages. This will help in your decision making as many young women are making the decision to raise their children alone. Discuss how to care for your baby while you finish your education.

Another option is adoption. When looking for an adoption agency, find one that is a licensed, professional, reputable, and well-established agency. Adoption can be a very positive choice and is often the best for everyone involved.

Whatever option you choose, take your time in deciding. Though unplanned, every new life is a precious gift, so do not take it lightly. Your baby will thank you as he or she is older, knowing that you made the decision with their best interest in mind.

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