How to Kill Yourself Quickly

How to Kill Yourself Quickly?

If you are thinking about how to kill yourself quickly you must be serious about trying to kill yourself. I am so sorry to know that you are feeling that bad. You must be feeling like it is not worth trying anymore. You must be so tired of the pain and suffering of life that you feel like you canít go on anymore.

But what if you had another choice? What if there was a simple answer to change the way you are feeling? What if there was a way to make life worth living again? There is another choice. There is a simple (not always easy, but simple) answer, and there is a way.

How to Kill Yourself Quickly Ė There Is a Better Way
If you had two options, suicide or a happy life, which would you choose? The problem is that a happy life seems so far from your current possibilities. But it is possible.

You were not designed or created to suffer. You know that. God did not intend for people to suffer and we were not created for that. Suffering happens when something is wrong.

So how do you move toward a life of joy? How do you get from where you are right now to where God intended? Think that through. If there is something wrong, then solving the problem will get you out of the suffering. I know, that sounds obvious, but think about it. You didnít arrive at a place of so much pain overnight. There were many things that happened to bring you this much pain. Many of them are probably inter-related.

If God made you, He knows the solution for your suffering. He knows what you need to do to find that life of joy and contentment. Not only does He know, but He also cares. He loves you and He wants you to be free from suffering. God will help you find relief, but the process may not be pain-free.

You can have hope. As you begin the process of following God and learning to trust Him, things will get better. God doesnít just want this pain you are in to go away immediately. He wants you to be healed of all the things that are hurting you. He wants you to be completely free.

Have you asked Jesus into your life? He can bring you freedom from the suffering through healing.

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