Workaholic Symptoms

What are some workaholic symptoms?

Do you exhibit workaholic symptoms? Many people would not label themselves a workaholic. They would say, Im self motivated and success driven. I work because I love my job and I feel it is necessary to society.

Here are some workaholic symptoms:
  • There is no separation for you between work and home.
  • Even when at home, your work is the top priority.
  • You are overly committed and driven to work. Your happiness is found in your work.
  • Work always seems to take precedence over family and leisure time.
  • You have no social life other then work-related events.
  • Work is on your mind 24/7.
  • You feel stressed because of your work.
  • You get upset when others suggest you cut back on your work.
  • You do not take vacations or take your work with you on vacation.
If your life is consumed by work, then chances are that youre a workaholic or on your way to becoming one.

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