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Addiction To Alcohol

QUESTION: What is considered an addiction to alcohol?


Addiction to alcohol is a compulsion to drink fermented liquid extracted from grain, fruit, or other natural materials. It is very pleasant to drink and in particular gives a festive flavor to special occasions. Unfortunately, it also seriously affects the brain as it can give an illusion of relaxation, freedom from cares and responsibilities, and in particular emotional pain. This is where the trap lies, and what makes it so easy to become addicted to alcohol. Even for those who have no particular problems and just drink for enjoyment, it is amazing how quickly the choice of whether to drink or not to drink gradually turns into an overwhelming need to drink. This change is so subtle that the victim is not even aware that this is happening and that he now has a dependency on alcohol.

Addiction to alcohol - What is the result?
When someone becomes addicted to alcohol and is constantly drunk, they will always affect the lives of others in some way.

  • It may just be a matter of annoyance. For instance, the drunk may play loud music at night and keep their neighbors awake. Generally those who have an addiction to alcohol are unpleasant to anyone who has to have dealings with them.
  • More seriously, an addict will not realize or accept that he/she is in no condition to drive a car because constant intake of alcohol takes away all sense of responsibility. This means that they are liable to be a serious danger to other motorists and pedestrians.
  • Most serious of all, alcohol addiction often leads to crime. A previously law-abiding citizen who has become addicted to alcohol will become desperate when there is no more money to buy alcohol. Before he knows it, his addiction has drawn him more and more deeply into crime, and even murder.

Addiction to alcohol - Can a tendency be inherited?
Victims of alcohol do not always have to be hurting people who cannot cope with life’s problems. Scientists have discovered from their research that if there is an alcoholic in the family then this weakness can be passed on genetically. If it is known that there is a history of alcoholism in the family, then the members of that family would be wise to be extra careful about how much they drink. Safest of all, of course, would be a decision to avoid alcohol altogether.

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