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Life Challenges -
Find comfort and hope through trials of life. You don’t have to go through your suffering alone. Someone does care.

Adopting A Child
Paperwork. Processes. Interviews. Blessings. Miracles. Happiness! Read the story of one couple who took the good with the bad and ended up hearing those long-awaited words, “Mommy! Daddy!”

Adopting A Child 2
Are you frustrated with the adoption process? Considering giving up? Read what happened to one couple who waited through the struggles.

Adopting A Child Video
Eric Ludy shares how God gave him a passion for orphans around the world.

Adult Children of Alcoholics
Tired of being told you will turn into your drunken parent? Want to break that cycle? Read here, learn more.

Alcohol Addiction
What causes this addiction? Are you addicted? What can you do about it? Where can you find help?

Alcohol Addiction 2
Read how an adult and a teen found help and recovery from addiction. Learn more about this addiction.

Alcohol Addiction Video
There is always hope. Please watch this short video testimony of a man that struggled with alcoholism and drug addiction. You can be free too!

Alzheimers Support
Take a few moments to read how you can spend quality time with your loved-one suffering from AD.

Anger Management Techniques
Learn practical ways of managing your angry feelings. These techniques will make a lasting impact when you choose to implement them.

Anorexia & Bulimia
Purging can have serious health effects. Here's a place to help you start breaking the cycle.

Anorexia Bulimia Video
Ashley Rawls shares her struggle with eating disorders and self worth. What is her answer?

Blended Families
Is your blended family headed for disaster? If so, use these tips to help turn it around.

Borderline Personality Disorder
Learn more about BPD, the symptoms and treatment of this disorder. Find help and hope.

Cancer Patients
Wondering “What did I do to deserve cancer?” Is it a punishment? Learn where to turn for direction.

Cancer Patients Video
Learn from Tamara Jolee and her battle with cancer. What is her response to this life-changing event?

Cancer Treatment
Coping with cancer is a struggle. Read one woman’s story of survival and encouragement for those going through it.

Caring For The Elderly
Do you find yourself in a caregiver position for a family member or friend? Find help resources here.

Caring for the Elderly Video
What is the value of elderly people? What can we learn from them? Find out helpful insights here.

Child Abuse Help
How does a person recover from a childhood of abusive relationships? Discover a relationship that will heal those wounds.

Child Abuse Help 2
Have you experienced abusive relationships in your childhood? Do you want those feelings to heal? Receive help here.

Child Abuse Help Video
Rod Bayron shares of the abuse he suffered. How did he reacts as an adult? How did he find help?

Christian Drug Addiction
Can God fix and heal an addictive heart? Consider these verses that share God’s love and forgiveness.

Christian Drug Addiction Video
Listen to the testimony of Brian "Head" Welch from Korn. How did God change his life and give him victory over drugs?

Christian Family Counseling
How do you raise and lead a Christ-centered home? Here are some principles to discover.

Christian Family Counseling 2
What is true Christian leadership in the home? Here are a few biblical insights…

Christian Marriage Counseling
Find help for marital problems by asking a trained professional. Discover how a counselor can help you and your relationship.

Christian Marriage Counseling Video
The psychologists and marriage experts explain how fighting, if done right, can actually strengthen a relationship. How?

Chronic Fatigue
How do I know if I have Chronic Fatigue Syndrome or am just exhausted from work, a busy lifestyle, stress, etc?

Chronic Pain
A personal story of trial and denial. An answer to prayer. Turning pain into a deeper relationship with God.

Chronic Pain Relief
Dealing with a life of pain is a matter of approach and attitude. Find purpose and significance in your pain.

A popular counseling topic these days, where does the reality reside?

Codependency Recovery
How do people cope with codependents? Where's a source for long-term help?

Coping With Anxiety
Exhaustion, sleep problems, tension headaches, constant worry, irritability, angry outbursts, lack of concentration, and so many more! Can you identify?

Coping With Anxiety 2
There is a lasting cure to worry! Find peace, assurance, and relief from worry! It is possible through reliance on a higher source.

Coping With Depression
Are you feeling helpless and discouraged? Find hope and worth through God’s tremendous love. True significance is waiting.

Coping With Divorce
A huge and growing concern in our society. The official statistics, financial costs and human effects of divorce.

Coping With Divorce 2
A huge and growing concern in our society. The official statistics, financial costs and human effects of divorce.

Coping With Job Loss
Have you lost all the things you’ve worked so hard for? Has life dealt you a bad hand? Discover how to cope.

Coping With Job Loss 2
Are you struggling with unemployment? Has your feeling of worth decreased? Do you feel defeated? Hear a firsthand story of fulfillment.

Coping With Loneliness
Friends can let us down when they turn away during a life crisis. When we're alone, who can we turn to?

Coping With Miscarriage
Dealing with the true loss of a child. Society may treat miscarriage differently, but it’s proper to grieve.

Coping With Miscarriage 2
Dealing with pregnancy loss isn’t about forgetting, it’s about grieving and honoring your baby.

Coping With Separation
Whether long term or short term, being apart can be devastating. Learn how to deal with these situations.

Coping with Anxiety Video
You don't have to teach someone how to worry. It comes naturally. How can we find peace in the midst of worry?

Coping with Crisis
What are some tools to help me through a crisis situation? Read this firsthand account of a journey through crisis.

Coping with Depression Video
Nick Vujicic's music video of Something More. How can we gain peace as we travel difficult roads in our life?

Coping with Loneliness Video
Are you struggling with lonely feelings? Find hope and encouragement from an online coach.

Coping with Stress at Work
What are some tips for managing stressful work situations? Find helpful guidance and a personal story.

Cure for Anxiety
Are you struggling with anxious thoughts? Read about the causes and find help for your anxiousness? Find hope.

Cutting Story
Why do people start cutting? Read this young woman's cutting story and see how she gained victory over it.

Cutting Story Video
Victoria Childress shares about her life and her cutting. How did she find help and healing?

Dealing With Death
Are you hurt? Do you feel guilty? Do you seek answers about dying? Learn more here and discover hope.

Dealing With Death Video
Brian Deegan and Ronnie Faisst talk about the death of their good friend Jeremy Lusk. What is the message they want you to hear?

Dealing With Depression
This serious disease needs treatment. Are you ignoring the classic symptoms? Seek help from your doctor.

Dealing with Bullying
What is the best response to handle a bully? Learn how to role play and practice with your children for dealing with bullies.

Dealing with Bullying Video
The Bible tells us that we are created in the image of God. And because that image is in us, all life is sacred.

Dealing with Depression Video
Sheila Walsh talks about her lowest point and the hope and healing she finally found. What was her turning point?

Dealing with Difficult People
Are there certain people who just rub you the wrong way? Find out tips on how to get past the insults.

Dealing with Difficult People Video
It's not about being a good person. It's about being like Jesus. This video challenges each of us to reflect on and examine how we live each day...and how we love others.

Decision Making
We all want to do what is right, but it isn’t always clear which option is best. How can we tell?

Where is God in your discouraged spirit? Why are you so sad? Find help from His Word here.

Discouragement Video
How can gratitude change our lives? How do we cultivate the response of gratitude?

Divorce Questions
Divorce rips at the heart of our society as it displaces and devastates kids. Find another way here.

Drug Addiction
Your loved one is being treated for his drug addiction, but where can you turn to find support and hope?

Drug Addiction Video
Watch this short but incredible vide clip of a man who found victory over drug addiction. Your life can change too!

Empty Nest
Are you in the transition of accepting your empty home? Discover how to make the most of this life transition.

Family Conflicts
Is the continual conflict causing you stress? Do you want it to stop or at least get resolved? Consider these thoughts.

Fear of Failure
What can I do to get over this anxiety? How can I find rest for my anxious spirit? Find help here.

Fear of Failure Video
Bridge the gap between frustrating old feelings and emerging new realities of who Jesus is and who you are.

Feeling Alone
Do you face those lonely feelings and don’t know how to cure them? Consider these words of wisdom.

Feeling Alone Video
Are your friends just names in a directory? Or are they true friends? Do you feel alone?

Food Addiction
Learn about this disorder and how to recover from it. Learn the symptoms and find relief and help.

Food Addiction Video
Michelle Aguilar discusses her journey on the Biggest Loser and how she found victory.

Forgiving Infidelity
Break the destructive habit of extramarital relationships and fill the void with true faithfulness and fulfillment.

Forgiving Infidelity Video
Jeff and Cheryl Scruggs share their struggle to keep faithful. What was the result?

Gastric Bypass Surgery
Read a harrowing personal account of one woman’s incredible health obstacles and how God intervened in her life!

God and Suffering
Why does God allow people to suffer and go through trials? It seems so unfair! Find help and understanding.

God and Suffering Video
Why does God allow suffering? Why do seemingly innocent people suffer? Learn from Greg Laurie.

Grief Process
Learn how to deal with sorrow and receive true comfort. Find out how to express emotions and relate to others.

Grief Process Video
Randy Moore shares helpful tips on coping with grief. How did he survive? Find out here.

Learn how to deal with guilty feelings. Understand their purpose and the remedy. Learn helpful tips here.

Hair Loss
Every hear people refer to “alopecia” in regard to hair loss? Find out what it is and what to do about it.

Healing A Broken Heart
It takes time to recover, but it is possible. Find out how you can recover from the hurt.

Healing a Broken Heart Video
Is your spirit broken? Sheila Walsh shares the cure for healing your broken heart.

Healing from Abuse
Is it possible to heal from child abuse? Read Barbara’s story. Perhaps you can identify with her journey.

Hepatitis C
Need some facts about Hepatitis C? Read more about the symptoms, risk categories, and treatments.

How To Commit Suicide
Are you confused with thoughts of taking your life? There is support for you. Learn how to clarify your confusion.

How to Commit Suicide Video
Are you struggling with suicidal thoughts? Watch this woman's story and find help through free resources.

How to Cope with Anger
Why do I find myself angry so often? Find helpful tips on defusing anger. Learn what works best for you and then implement it.

How to Die
Are you ready to end it all? Read one man's story of finding hope in the middle of unspeakable trial.

How to Help Children Cope with Death
Understand how children grieve and help them through this time. What are some tips? Find them here.

How to Kill Yourself Painlessly
Make sure you are making the right decision. It can’t be reversed. Find help through your emotional pain.

Hypnosis Therapy
Submission of your mind and will to another requires a great amount of trust. Are the benefits worth the risk?

I Hate My Life
Read a personal story of a girl who hit bottom and wanted to die.

I Hate My Life 2
Read a personal story of a girl who hit bottom and wanted to die.

I Hate My Life Video
Watch Pastor Kerry Shook interview Nick Vujicic, author of Life Without Limits. How did his attitude change?

Internet Addictions
Do you find the internet addicting? Are you more at ease on the computer than with real people? Find out if you have an addiction.

Late Term Abortion
Discover more about the procedures involved in this form of late term abortion. Read one woman’s account and guidance.

Late Term Abortion Video
The Bible tells us that we are created in the image of God. And because that image is in us, all life is sacred.

Life Challenges
Are you dealing with the struggles of life, wondering if it will ever get better? Find help for various issues here.

Life Challenges Video
Are you going thru a challenging time in life? Spend time reflecting on this music video. Be encouraged.

Living with In Laws
Do you live with your in-laws? Are their issues in your relationship? How can you live together and maintain peace?

Manage Attention Deficit Disorder
Are you having trouble concentrating and staying on task? Could you have ADD/ADHD? How can you cope? Learn more here.

Managing Diabetes
Should I monitor sugar levels? Do I change my diet, lifestyle, exercise? Where do I start?

Manic Depression
What is this condition? Whom does it affect? What are the treatment options? Is there hope for recovery?

Marital Infidelity
Extramarital relationships can occur in happy marriages as well as troubled marriages. Sometimes, the affair is never discovered.

Marital Infidelity Video
The Parks share of their marriage struggles and how they worked through the challenges. What was the key?

Marriage Conflict
Our marriage is in conflict? Does that mean it’s over? What can we do to resolve the conflict?

Marriage Conflict Video
What is public perception of sex, marriage, love? Discover the purpose of sex, marriage, and love. How does it impact you?

Masturbation Addiction
Learn how to stop this addictive lifestyle and find lasting help.

Meaning in Tragedy
What part does evil have in tragedy? Why doesn’t God always stop evil and tragedy? Learn more.

Meaning in Tragedy Video
Listen as Sujo John shares his experiences from the terrorist attacks on September 11. Where did he find strength?

Struggling with aging matters during the stage of menses cessation? Questioning how it affects your body? You’re not alone. Read.

Metastatic Breast Cancer
Living with cancer as a new lifestyle can bring total despair or renewed hope.

Military Wife
Learn how to cope with loneliness and stress that comes from having a deployed husband. Find hope.

Miscarriage Statistics
Understanding the emotional pain of miscarriage starts with understanding the truth about carrying a baby.

What is narcissism and how can it be detrimental to your relationships? Find out what the Bible says about this topic?

Narcissism Video
How is narcissism impacting our children? What kind of kids are we building? Find out here.

Obesity Help
What help managing your weight? Read a personal story of surrender and find help and hope here.

Obsessive Compulsive Disorder
Questions about OCD are answered here. Does God care? You bet! Included are treatment possibilities. Know you’re not alone.

Overcome Fear
Is it possible to conquer fears? Understand their origin and how to best counteract their power in your life.

Overcome Fear 2
Do you struggle with fears and in your daily life? Are they controlling what you do and say? Find relief!

Overcome Fear Video
Speaking in public, going bald and gnomes...we all have fears. Watch as the Skit Guys go through 5 ways to kill fear in your life.

Overcoming Jealousy
What is the key to removing jealous thoughts and feelings? Understand the symptoms. Then put the remedy into action!

Painful inflammation of the large gland behind the stomach. A look at the symptoms, causes and possible treatments of acute and chronic forms of this painful condition.

Panic Attacks
You wonder if the acute indigestion you’ve been treating yourself for is really panic attacks. How can you be sure?

Porn Addiction
How does someone get addicted to porn? What is the process and how do I get help?

Porn Addiction Video
Is it a sin to look at porn? Is pornography bad? How to stop looking at pornography?

Post Abortion Syndrome
A long period of recovery with a glorious promise of forgiveness and hope. Find true joy through this trial!

Post Abortion Syndrome Video
A couple who aborted their first child discusses the forgiveness that has healed their marriage and lives.

Preparing for Marriage
Do you know how to prepare for marriage? Find helpful information about getting ready for the biggest relationship of your life.

Quest for Happiness
What can we learn from a game of Frisbee? What makes certain people happier than others? Find out here.

Quest for Happiness Video
It's exhausting being the best. What does that mean? Listen as Pete Briscoe shares his story.

Rape Survivors
How can I possibly forgive someone who has raped me? What good will it do? Find out the answers.

Retirement Planning
Understand the importance of preparing for retirement in all areas of your life including physical, emotional, and spiritual.

Reverse Aging
Lengthening life is a common goal. Do you want to live longer? Find a good perspective on aging.

Self Worth
Where is my worth based? Can I improve it by doing things or is it something given to me?

Self Worth Video
Actress Janine Turner speaks of rejection and show business. What caused her to see herself in a respectful way?

Separation Anxiety
As parents, learn practical tips for handling this issues while the child is still young.

Sex Addict Treatment
Learn the causes and results of this addiction. Find out how to find lasting relief.

Sexual Abuse Survivor
Find help for your hurting heart. Is there a process for healing? What can you do to cope? Learn more.

Sexual Abuse Survivor 2
Learn how to accept the past, live with the present, and have hope for the future. Find healing here.

Sexual Abuse Survivor Video
Karen Green shares of her abuse and how she found hope through the struggle. What's the key?

Sexual Addiction
A compulsive disorder that ruins relationships and lives. Check out the facts here.

Sexual Addiction 2
Once you've identified a problem with this type of addiction, where can you go for help?

Sexual Addiction Video
Nate Larkin shares his struggles with addiction and how he found victory. What was the reason for his healing?

Shame and Regret
What does the Bible say about regret and shame? How are we to react? Find help here.

Sibling Rivalry
Is it possible? Can siblings be friends and not be ruled by rivalry and competition? Find out some tips from other parents.

Sibling Rivalry Video
How can parents tune down sibling rivalry? Learn these helpful tips.

Signs Of Depression
What are the characteristics? How do I know if I’m depressed? Learn what to look for in yourself and others.

Signs of Gluten Intolerance
How would a person change to eating gluten free? What do I need to know before I start? What signs are there that I should go gluten free?

Single Parent
Do you need strength and help in order to survive the daily hassles. Find help and support here.

Single Parent Video
Shawna shares how God worked through her situation as a single parent. What was her hope?

Single Woman
Read a story of a woman who longed to get married, compared herself to other married women, and finally learned to be content.

Single Woman Video
Shawna shares about the struggles of being a single woman and the struggles that came with marriage.

Smoking Addiction
Are you weary of your smoking habit but afraid of withdrawal symptoms? Learn the health benefits of quitting and methods of success.

Smoking Addiction 2
Study the options and pick on that is best for you. Read a personal story of how one man beat his addiction.

Spouse Abuse
Your spouse belittles and criticizes you, but has not been physically abusive. Is this acceptable? Should you be worried?

Read Mark and Crystal’s story of surviving the devastation on stillbirth. Find hope through reading their story.

Stillbirth Video
This music video will help you grieve and be comforted. Listen to Dressed In White by Mary Como.

Stress Relief
How do I know if I'm too stressed? Will it hurt my physically? Discover more here.

Suicide Of A Child
Are you grieving the loss of your son or daughter from suicide? Read how one mother survived the horrific loss of her son.

Teenage Pregnancy
Find information and helpful advice from girls who have been in your shoes. What did they learn?

Television Addiction
Find out how to end this obsession in your family. Learn practical tips and learn how one family dealt with it.

Traumatic Brain Injury
Learn how one man has suffered through TBI and how he has found hope to continue living in spite of the hurt.

Trying to Conceive
How can a male cope with this issue? Learn practical coping principles.

Unplanned Pregnancy
What are my options now? Where do I turn? Where do I go? Find answers here.

Verbal Abuse
Have an abusive relationship? Want it to stop? There is hope for your relationship! Read this and find help.

Why Me God
Do you feel deserted and lonely? Are you confused and seeking answers? Find help by understanding the reasons for your life events.

Why Me God 2
Do you feel deserted and lonely? Are you confused and seeking answers? Find help by understanding the reasons for your life events.

Why Me God Video
Tyrone Flowers shares how his life changed drastically. What became his source of strength and hope?

Winter Blues
Do you struggle with depression during the cold months? Find practical solutions and spiritual guidance here.

Do you work too much? How does someone know if they do? Understand the basics of this condition.

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We have all sinned and deserve God’s judgment. God, the Father, sent His only Son to satisfy that judgment for those who believe in Him. Jesus, the creator and eternal Son of God, who lived a sinless life, loves us so much that He died for our sins, taking the punishment that we deserve, was buried, and rose from the dead according to the Bible. If you truly believe and trust this in your heart, receiving Jesus alone as your Savior, declaring, "Jesus is Lord," you will be saved from judgment and spend eternity with God in heaven.

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