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Adopting A Child
Paperwork. Processes. Interviews. Blessings. Miracles. Happiness! Read the story of one couple who took the good with the bad and ended up hearing those long-awaited words, “Mommy! Daddy!”

Adopting A Child 2
Are you frustrated with the adoption process? Considering giving up? Read what happened to one couple who waited through the struggles.

Adopting A Child Video
Eric Ludy shares how God gave him a passion for orphans around the world.

Adult Children of Alcoholics
Dealing with parents who have addictive habits? Are they inebriated all the time? Want relief? Read here for answers.

Alcohol Addiction
Read two accounts of successful recovery. How did they survive their fight with addictive behavior and come out winning?

Alcohol Addiction 2
Read two accounts of successful recovery. How did they survive their fight with addictive behavior and come out winning?

Alcohol Addiction Video
There is always hope. Please watch this short video testimony of a man that struggled with alcoholism and drug addiction. You can be free too!

Alzheimers Support
Do you know what Alzheimer’s really is? Read here for a simple explanation of the disease and for ways to help those suffering.

Anger Management Techniques
Would you like peace to replace anger in your life? If so, learn these helpful techniques for improvement.

Anorexia & Bulimia
If you're struggling with this eating disorder, here's a place to start your recovery.

Anorexia Bulimia Video
Ashley Rawls shares her struggle with eating disorders and self worth. What is her answer?

Blended Families
What are some helpful tips to joining two families together and having peace? Find out here.

Borderline Personality Disorder
Learn the symptoms of this disorder and also the treatment options available. What is the success rate?

Cancer Patients
Are you reeling from a cancer diagnosis? Wondering why this happened to you? Find out who to trust for comfort.

Cancer Patients Video
Learn from Tamara Jolee and her battle with cancer. What is her response to this life-changing event?

Cancer Treatment
A personal account of how one woman heard the cancer diagnosis, went through treatment, and survived. What is her hope?

Caring For The Elderly
Read practical tips and info on caregiving. Read how one couple survived the ordeal of a mother with cancer.

Caring for the Elderly Video
What is the value of elderly people? What can we learn from them? Find out helpful insights here.

Child Abuse Help
Have you experienced abusive relationships in your childhood? Do you want those feelings to heal? Receive help here.

Child Abuse Help 2
How does a person recover from a childhood of abusive relationships? Discover a relationship that will heal those wounds.

Child Abuse Help Video
Rod Bayron shares of the abuse he suffered. How did he reacts as an adult? How did he find help?

Christian Drug Addiction
Have your heart been changed due to addiction? Are you fighting to regain your life? Consider this helpful information.

Christian Drug Addiction Video
Listen to the testimony of Brian "Head" Welch from Korn. How did God change his life and give him victory over drugs?

Christian Family Counseling
A Christian home is a Christ-led and Christ-focused home. How do we pull this off?

Christian Family Counseling 2
A Christian home is a Christ-led and Christ-focused home. How do we pull this off?

Christian Marriage Counseling
Are you looking for help and support in your relationship? Consider the expertise of counsel from a biblical perspective.

Christian Marriage Counseling Video
The psychologists and marriage experts explain how fighting, if done right, can actually strengthen a relationship. How?

Chronic Fatigue
Learn about this illness and read a personal story from someone diagnosed. What can you learn from her?

Chronic Pain
How does someone with chronic pain cope? What's the key to adjusting to the pain?

Chronic Pain Relief
Dealing with this is a physical trial. Discover ultimate peace, acceptance, and value. Learn how to cope.

A popular counseling topic these days, where does the reality reside?

Codependency Recovery
What does the Bible say about a codependent lifestyle? How can we escape using God's guidelines found in scripture?

Coping With Anxiety
There is a lasting cure to worry! Find peace, assurance, and relief from worry! It is possible through reliance on a higher source.

Coping With Anxiety 2
Is your life full of stress and worry? Would you like your thoughts to be free of worry? Learn techniques for minimizing anxious thoughts.

Coping With Depression
Medication, counseling, and spiritual help often join together to help bring worth and life into those who are hurting.

Coping With Divorce
A divorce is devastating for everyone involved. How do men cope with divorce?

Coping With Divorce 2
A huge and growing concern in our society. The official statistics, financial costs and human effects of divorce.

Coping With Job Loss
Having feelings of dejection? Has job loss decreased your feeling of worth? Find help and hope for you and your family.

Coping With Job Loss 2
Having feelings of dejection? Has job loss decreased your feeling of worth? Find help and hope for you and your family.

Coping With Loneliness
Friends can let us down when they turn away during a life crisis. When we're alone, who can we turn to?

Coping With Miscarriage
The truth about miscarriage and the ways to deal with the pain of early pregnancy loss.

Coping With Miscarriage 2
Understanding the myths surrounding pregnancy loss. Discovering the truth of loss and grief.

Coping With Separation
Separating is a tough circumstance that many people face. Are you hurting? Find hope here. Learn to cope.

Coping with Anxiety Video
You don't have to teach someone how to worry. It comes naturally. How can we find peace in the midst of worry?

Coping with Crisis
How do you handle crisis? This author will share helpful tips that she learned through a serious illness.

Coping with Depression Video
Nick Vujicic's music video of Something More. How can we gain peace as we travel difficult roads in our life?

Coping with Loneliness Video
Are you struggling with lonely feelings? Find hope and encouragement from an online coach.

Coping with Stress at Work
How can I make my work environment less stressful and more productive? Find helpful tips.

Cure for Anxiety
You're not alone. Many people suffer from anxiety. Find out how to find help and contentment.

Cutting Story
Understand self harm and how to help those who are on this journey. Read this young woman's story.

Cutting Story Video
Victoria Childress shares about her life and her cutting. How did she find help and healing?

Dealing With Death
Where did dying come from? Why is it so prominent? Why did it happen to my loved one?

Dealing With Death Video
Brian Deegan and Ronnie Faisst talk about the death of their good friend Jeremy Lusk. What is the message they want you to hear?

Dealing With Depression
Identify symptoms such as sadness, discouragement, and despair. Realize that many cases require treatment and medical therapy.

Dealing with Bullying
What is the best response to handle a bully? Learn how to role play and practice with your children for dealing with bullies.

Dealing with Bullying Video
The Bible tells us that we are created in the image of God. And because that image is in us, all life is sacred.

Dealing with Depression Video
Sheila Walsh talks about her lowest point and the hope and healing she finally found. What was her turning point?

Dealing with Difficult People
How do you handle those people who are difficult, annoying, or cynical? Find out helpful tips here.

Dealing with Difficult People Video
It's not about being a good person. It's about being like Jesus. This video challenges each of us to reflect on and examine how we live each day...and how we love others.

Decision Making
What can we learn from the Bible in regard to deciding what is the best option? Find helpful tips.

Do you find yourself discouraged with your life’s circumstances? Do your situations seem too hard to handle? Find help and encouragement here.

Discouragement Video
How can gratitude change our lives? How do we cultivate the response of gratitude?

Divorce Questions
There are many facts and statistics on the problem of divorce. Where should you go for help?

Drug Addiction
You’re confused at the various options for treating a drug addiction. Do any truly fulfill the success they promise?

Drug Addiction Video
Watch this short but incredible vide clip of a man who found victory over drug addiction. Your life can change too!

Empty Nest
Learn how to find peace and contentment when the children leave home. Discover tips from others who have been there.

Family Conflicts
What are some practical ideas to keep your family from becoming a family ruled by conflict and fighting?

Fear of Failure
How can I find victory despite the anxiety that I might fail? How do I find the motivation to persist under trial?

Fear of Failure Video
Bridge the gap between frustrating old feelings and emerging new realities of who Jesus is and who you are.

Feeling Alone
Is your heart aching because you’re facing loneliness? Consider this information and the remedy for loneliness.

Feeling Alone Video
Are your friends just names in a directory? Or are they true friends? Do you feel alone?

Food Addiction
Learn how to develop discipline and find lasting help from food addiction. Learn the symptoms and find relief.

Food Addiction Video
Michelle Aguilar discusses her journey on the Biggest Loser and how she found victory.

Forgiving Infidelity
A first hand account of the anguish brought by being unfaithful to a spouse. Her story brings hope and forgiveness.

Forgiving Infidelity Video
Jeff and Cheryl Scruggs share their struggle to keep faithful. What was the result?

Gastric Bypass Surgery
Read a harrowing personal account of one woman’s incredible health obstacles and how God intervened in her life!

God and Suffering
Why does it seem like children suffer? Why are there so many seemingly innocent people who go through undeserving trial?

God and Suffering Video
Why does God allow suffering? Why do seemingly innocent people suffer? Learn from Greg Laurie.

Grief Process
Learn how to ease your pain and how to recover from a devastating loss. Discover hope and a brighter future.

Grief Process Video
Randy Moore shares helpful tips on coping with grief. How did he survive? Find out here.

Understand what it is and how to overcome it. What is its purpose and why does it plague us?

Hair Loss
My mother’s father was bald. Does this mean I will be, too? Can anything be done about it? Find out.

Healing A Broken Heart
Are you shook up with grief from a break-up or loss? Learn helpful tips about mending your soul.

Healing a Broken Heart Video
Is your spirit broken? Sheila Walsh shares the cure for healing your broken heart.

Healing from Abuse
Read one woman’s story of healing from childhood abuse. How did she find hope and healing?

Hepatitis C
Read here to discover the basic facts about Hepatitis C, the treatments available, and the Savior who can help you carry the burdens of the disease.

How To Commit Suicide
Are you confused with thoughts of taking your life? There is support for you. Learn how to clarify your confusion.

How to Commit Suicide Video
Are you struggling with suicidal thoughts? Watch this woman's story and find help through free resources.

How to Cope with Anger
Why am I experiencing such angry thoughts? What can I do to bring down my anger? Find help.

How to Die
Is your spirit hurting? Are you looking for a way out? Do you want the pain to cease? Read one man's story.

How to Help Children Cope with Death
Grief is hard for everyone. How can an adult help a child understand the emotions? Find help here.

How to Kill Yourself Painlessly
Find insightful information about suicide. Read one man’s thoughts about this serious topic.

Hypnosis Therapy
Can you accomplish a major break-through by “zoning out” and disengaging your mind? Does it make a difference in your daily life?

I Hate My Life
Do you hate life? If so, read how this girl turned her life around and many positive changes.

I Hate My Life 2
If want to die, read this note from and girl that felt the same way. What did she decide to do?

I Hate My Life Video
Watch Pastor Kerry Shook interview Nick Vujicic, author of Life Without Limits. How did his attitude change?

Internet Addictions
Are you compelled to spend a lot of time online? Find out the symptoms and how to help yourself.

Late Term Abortion
What should you consider before making a decision about this form of abortion? Consider this woman’s story and advice.

Late Term Abortion Video
The Bible tells us that we are created in the image of God. And because that image is in us, all life is sacred.

Life Challenges
Are you struggling with issues related to emotional or physical challenges, marriage and family, or addiction? Find help here.

Life Challenges Video
Are you going thru a challenging time in life? Spend time reflecting on this music video. Be encouraged.

Living with In Laws
What are some practical tips for living with your in-laws? What situations can be avoided? How can everyone live together harmoniously?

Manage Attention Deficit Disorder
Do you feel alone, confused, helpless in trying to deal with or manage ADD/ADHD? There is HOPE for you in this trial.

Managing Diabetes
Learn various treatment methods, lifestyle changes, and emotional adjustments. Educate yourself.

Manic Depression
What is this condition? Whom does it affect? What are the treatment options? Is there hope for recovery?

Marital Infidelity
What is the main reason for extramarital relationships? Surprisingly, it is not always the sign of a troubled marriage.

Marital Infidelity Video
The Parks share of their marriage struggles and how they worked through the challenges. What was the key?

Marriage Conflict
I know we are supposed to love each other, but do I always have to like my spouse? Will we ever get along?

Marriage Conflict Video
What is public perception of sex, marriage, love? Discover the purpose of sex, marriage, and love. How does it impact you?

Masturbation Addiction
How does this addiction start and develop? How does someone find lasting relief from the need to masturbate.

Meaning in Tragedy
It seems natural disasters, rape, school shootings, and other horrible events happen too often. Why doesn’t God stop them?

Meaning in Tragedy Video
Listen as Sujo John shares his experiences from the terrorist attacks on September 11. Where did he find strength?

What takes place when a woman comes into this stage of life? What are the symptoms when menses ceases? Read more.

Metastatic Breast Cancer
Find hope in the midst of trial. Dig deep and seek meaning for your battle.

Military Wife
Discover tips from other wives on how to cope with life when your spouse is away. Find hope.

Miscarriage Statistics
The definitions and statistics underlying miscarriage. The physical and emotional effects.

Are you looking for information on narcissism? Find out the origin and history of this condition.

Narcissism Video
How is narcissism impacting our children? What kind of kids are we building? Find out here.

Obesity Help
What help managing your weight? Read a personal story of surrender and find help and hope here.

Obsessive Compulsive Disorder
If you think you’re all alone with in dealing with OCD, you’re not. Find answers to some basic questions about this disease.

Overcome Fear
Do you struggle with fears and in your daily life? Are they controlling what you do and say? Find relief!

Overcome Fear 2
Is it possible to conquer fears? Understand their origin and how to best counteract their power in your life.

Overcome Fear Video
Speaking in public, going bald and gnomes...we all have fears. Watch as the Skit Guys go through 5 ways to kill fear in your life.

Overcoming Jealousy
An emotion that can lead to bitterness and anger. Read one person’s account of how jealous feelings were removed.

This painful condition can affect all areas of the body’s proper function, including eating and metabolism.

Panic Attacks
You wonder if the acute indigestion you’ve been treating yourself for is really panic attacks. How can you be sure?

Porn Addiction
Find help and healing from these temptations. Find lasting relief.

Porn Addiction Video
Is it a sin to look at porn? Is pornography bad? How to stop looking at pornography?

Post Abortion Syndrome
Millions of women have had abortions only to discover an emotional dilemma that won’t go away.

Post Abortion Syndrome Video
A couple who aborted their first child discusses the forgiveness that has healed their marriage and lives.

Preparing for Marriage
What issues should be considered prior to marriage? Find out what is discussed in premarital counseling.

Quest for Happiness
What is the key to experiencing happiness in my life? Find out what this author views as the key.

Quest for Happiness Video
It's exhausting being the best. What does that mean? Listen as Pete Briscoe shares his story.

Rape Survivors
Has rape changed your life and who you are? Learn how to overcome your fear, distrust, and anger.

Retirement Planning
Are you concerned about your financial security? Consider the emotional, physical, and spiritual aspects of retirement too. Be ready for this big transition.

Reverse Aging
Why is getting older thought to be a disease? View the trends and learn the truth about aging.

Self Worth
How is real self worth obtained? Can I do certain things to build up my image and confidence?

Self Worth Video
Actress Janine Turner speaks of rejection and show business. What caused her to see herself in a respectful way?

Separation Anxiety
What causes children to react negatively when they are separated from a parent? How is it corrected?

Sex Addict Treatment
What are the causes and factors that lead to this addiction? What kind of treatment options are available and which one will help me?

Sexual Abuse Survivor
Find help for your hurting heart. Is there a process for healing? What can you do to cope? Learn more.

Sexual Abuse Survivor 2
Are you searching of help and recovery? Learn how to overcome abusive relationships from your past. Find help here.

Sexual Abuse Survivor Video
Karen Green shares of her abuse and how she found hope through the struggle. What's the key?

Sexual Addiction
A process addiction that's progressive in nature. A secret cycle that can get out of control and ruin our relationships.

Sexual Addiction 2
What is this disorder? How does someone identify this addiction?

Sexual Addiction Video
Nate Larkin shares his struggles with addiction and how he found victory. What was the reason for his healing?

Shame and Regret
What is the meaning of shame? Regret? Why do we face these emotions and how can we recover?

Sibling Rivalry
As a parent, how do I minimize the rivalry between my children? Can it be done? Find helpful tips from other parents.

Sibling Rivalry Video
How can parents tune down sibling rivalry? Learn these helpful tips.

Signs Of Depression
Discover the facts about this condition and learn more about finding help. Find out how you can find true healing.

Signs of Gluten Intolerance
What tips do you have for going gluten free? How does a person know if he/she should follow a gluten free diet?

Single Parent
Read two real life stories about the struggles of single parenting. Find helpful resources, tips, and support for your family.

Single Parent Video
Shawna shares how God worked through her situation as a single parent. What was her hope?

Single Woman
Are you wondering if the wedding day will ever come? Read one woman’s story of her journey.

Single Woman Video
Shawna shares about the struggles of being a single woman and the struggles that came with marriage.

Smoking Addiction
Study the data about addiction to nicotine. Is it really that harmful? How do I stop? Read one man’s story.

Smoking Addiction 2
Study the data about addiction to nicotine. Is it really that harmful? How do I stop? Read one man’s story.

Spouse Abuse
Your spouse belittles and criticizes you, but has not been physically abusive. Is this acceptable? Should you be worried?

Read a personal story of a couple who coped through this devastating situation. How did they get through?

Stillbirth Video
This music video will help you grieve and be comforted. Listen to Dressed In White by Mary Como.

Stress Relief
Are you looking for ways to reduce the stress and pressure in your life? Discover ways here.

Suicide Of A Child
Comfort for grieving parents who have lost a son or daughter to suicide. Find hope and help here.

Teenage Pregnancy
Find information and helpful advice from girls who have been in your shoes. What did they learn?

Television Addiction
Learn more about this obsession with TV and practical ideas for breaking out of it. Learn more here.

Traumatic Brain Injury
Read one man’s account of living with TBI – his struggles, alienation, and how he found hope for living.

Trying to Conceive
Are you struggling with infertility and trying to cope emotionally? Consider these insightful tips for coping in a healthy manner.

Unplanned Pregnancy
How do I get rid of the guilt? Where do I go for help? Who do I tell? Find out.

Verbal Abuse
Have an abusive relationship? Want it to stop? There is hope for your relationship! Read this and find help.

Why Me God
Do you feel deserted and lonely? Are you confused and seeking answers? Find help by understanding the reasons for your life events.

Why Me God 2
Are you confused about the direction of your life? Is it not going as planned? Do you feel abandoned?

Why Me God Video
Tyrone Flowers shares how his life changed drastically. What became his source of strength and hope?

Winter Blues
Are the cold months bringing you down? What can you do? Find help and practical tips here.

How does someone know if he or she works too much? Learn how to decipher the delicate balance between home and work.

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