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Adopting A Child

(Read Adopting A Child, Part 1 First)

Adopting A Child – A Personal Testimony
Couples may be trying to digest all the facts and figures found through their research into adopting a child. For encouragement, meet the Brenners.

Adopting A Child – The Process
Remaining childless, the Brenners made the decision to pursue adoption in November of 2002. Their friends had successfully adopted a young girl from China, so the Brenners contacted an agency that specialized in Chinese adoptions. A social worker in their home state was found to handle the state requirements. But the Brenner’s first attempt to adopt a child was dashed after background checks, fingerprinting, home studies, classes, and endless amounts of paperwork. The Brenner’s medical information did not meet China’s criteria.

The couple contacted their organization again at which time the agency had begun work with the governments of Ukraine, Uzbekistan, and Nepal. As with China, the Brenner’s did not meet the medical criteria for the Ukraine. Bribery saturated Uzbekistan’s adoption system leaving Nepal the final decision after researching domestic adoption possibilities.

The long adoption process started in April of 2004 for a 2-month old girl from Nepal. The agency placed a monetary deposit to the Nepalese government for the couple to start the adoption process. The Brenner’s eagerly made travel arrangements, updated visas, and met vaccination schedules to visit another country. Three days before traveling, the Nepalese government closed down the orphanage where the baby resided for trafficking and black market activities.

Disappointed, but undaunted, the Brenner’s received another call a few weeks later to visit a one-year-old girl named Sushila. With child trafficking infesting Nepal’s orphanages, the offices in Katmandu stopped accepting adoption applications two days after the Brenner’s had turned their paperwork into them. It was a month later after investigation of the orphanages that Nepal reopened its adoption system. Then the King of Nepal dissolved the government.

Adopting A Child – The Result
There were many obstacles to overcome. By March of 2005, the Brenner’s paperwork was close to expiring. It took expedited action from both Nepal and US governments to approve all the forms for the Brenner couple to adopt their little girl. On June 4, 2005, the Brenner’s arrived at the orphanage in Nepal greeted by Sushila endearing them by calling out, “Mommy, Daddy!”

“We are amazed at how God worked in His own good time. We do not like when He answers prayer with “Wait,” but what a testimony to His power and wonder,” Mr. Brenner said.

As you consider beginning your adoption journey, pray together to be sure that this is the direction God would have you to go. The Bible also tells us that if we seek God’s will first, all of our other worries will be taken care of by Him (Matthew 6:33). God will give wisdom and help to those who seek Him whole-heartedly (Jeremiah 29:13).

Adoption is even mentioned in the Bible! We are told that God adopts us into His family when we receive Him (Ephesians 1:5-6; Romans 8:14-17). This opportunity is for everyone, regardless of your family, gender, age, nationality or past (Romans 10:9-13) – whoever will receive it.

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