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Aging Process

QUESTION: Is there a normal aging process?


As soon as you are born, your body begins to age. This process continues throughout your life.
  • A newborn baby is developing new cells and shedding dead cells daily. The “peach fuzz” hair is replaced with new hair that is stronger and more colored. The skin begins to adapt to the “out-of-umbilical-fluid” environment.

  • Bodies continue to grow in the toddler years into puberty and adolescence. Constant changes take place in the body until the height, determined by genetics, is reached. Then the body starts to spread a little here and there, taking a new shape of body style in the adult years.

  • Changes in our body are sometimes described as deterioration, such as gray hair, wrinkles, loss of hearing, the need for bifocals. These are just normal changes as the body progresses. A person over the age of 50 can still be vital and healthy.

  • Hardening of the arteries, bone density loss, and slowing metabolism are more signs of the normal aging process.
Heredity, diet, exercise, social involvement, and spirituality all play a large part in your physical wellbeing. Eating right and exercising will keep your body healthier and may stave off some of the effects of aging, or at least slow the aging process.

The more concerned you are about your physical health, the better the lifestyle you will have as you get older.

My mom is 82 years old and is just as healthy as I am. Sure, she can’t do a lot of the physical things because she lacks the muscular strength. She always walked and protected her body as best she could by good eating habits. Of course, she is very disturbed about the wrinkles! There is the normal shrinkage of your body height, too. It seems as if gravity cannot be defied as you get older.

Yes, there is a normal aging process. Society today wants you to think that they have the cure to prevent it but no, it’s impossible.

God says, “Gray hair is a crown of splendor” (Proverbs 16:31).

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