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Alcohol And Drug Addiction

QUESTION: Alcohol and drug addiction – Is there a link?


Alcohol and drug addiction are definitely linked. Alcoholism is a slippery slope and many alcoholics end up as victims of ‘pushers’ (drug dealers). Those who are addicted to alcohol enjoy company and they will often go looking for those with the same weakness -- bars being the obvious place for their search. This, among other places, is where the drug dealer lies in wait to befriend such people.

Alcohol and drug addiction - How are alcoholics vulnerable to drug dealers?
Alcoholics are particularly vulnerable in that they are much more open to suggestion than the person who is not addicted to drink. Alcohol is first and foremost a depressant, slowing down the activity of the nervous system and so making the alcoholic feel relaxed and at ease.

Bars are a particularly rich hunting ground for the drug dealer. Having pinpointed someone who is on their own, a regular customer at the bar, and who regularly ends up the worse for too much drink, the drug dealers begin by befriending this person. He will listen sympathetically to his victim’s problems. Then he will gradually lead around to what he will describe as the wonderful effects of drugs as an even better escape than drink from emotional pain and difficulties, offering his victim a free ‘trip’ on heroin, cocaine, or whatever it is they have to sell. Sadly, that is all it takes for the alcoholic to move on to becoming hooked on drugs -- a dependency which will be extremely difficult to free himself from, even if he should want to.

With the above in mind, it is obvious that becoming addicted to alcohol puts the victim in danger -- not just from the abuse of alcohol itself, but because it is putting a foot on a very dangerous road leading to other abuses.

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