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Anger Control

QUESTION: Will anger control work for road rage?


Anger control techniques can certainly help control road rage, which is on the increase. Opportunities to display violent anger are ever-present to drivers in our hurried, high-stress society.

Triggers for road rage
Recognizable factors that trigger out-of-control anger and rage on the road are:
  • Over congestion on the road leading to increased stress and impatience
  • People driving too fast or too slow
  • Failure to move out of the passing lane
  • Cutting you off in traffic
  • Taking your parking space
  • Pulling out in front of you
  • Yelling, making gestures, or honking the horn
These, and many other factors, leave us feeling powerless, aggravated, disrespected, and threatened.

Anger control skills
The roadways are a great place to learn and exercise anger control skills. Reacting without control (road rage) can escalate hostility and retaliation.
  • Create an enjoyable environment for your trip. Keep your car clean and your car's temperature at a comfortable setting.
  • Turn off loud, intense music and your cell phone. Instead, play enjoyable, relaxing music or spend drive-time thinking or praying.
  • Leave early. Allow for unexpected delays. Decide to be flexible.
  • Consciously implement anger control skills.
  • Be respectful, patient, and compassionate. Refuse to react out of feelings.
  • Be watchful of old road rage patterns. Stop and think of new ways to handle the situation.
  • Put yourself in the other person’s place. Ask yourself why they behaved in that particular fashion.
  • Personalize the situation. Imagine he/she is someone you love, some member of your family, or a neighbor you know.
God help us control anger and overcome road rage While practicing anger control, ask God to give you patience and compassion for others on the road. A lack of spiritual peace and rest can be a warning sign, and indicative of, extreme uncontrolled anger. Meditating upon Bible verses such as "Love thy neighbor as thyself" can be helpful. Faith and a personal relationship with God can give you a broader perspective; bring peace, hope, and a sense of unconditional love. Thinking about Bible verses can bring you calm and self control. Each morning make yourself a promise to stay calm for the whole day, or if needed, one hour at a time, until you learn the habit of ‘choosing serenity.’

"Nothing gives one person so much advantage over another as to remain always cool and unruffled under all circumstances." -- Thomas Jefferson

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