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Christian Help with Pornography

QUESTION: Christian help with pornography - Where can I find it?


You may have also noticed that there are many Christians out there who are also struggling with addiction to pornography. In fact, between 50-80% of men in the church have viewed porn in a compulsive or addictive manner. If this is you, know that you are definitely not alone-hundreds of thousands of men desiring Christian help with pornography are breaking free from the trap of pornography through the power and mercy of God and you can too!

Many forms of Christian help with pornography are being offered today through counselors, pastors, and lay ministers. While well-meaning, they may not offer the most hope available. The most important predictive factor of success is your fit with the individual and their faith and their own fit with the recovery model being used. Will they be supportive and understanding of your faith and support you in accessing your faith as a vital tool in your recovery? Finding an expert who can facilitate Christ's love and power will provide you the most hope for healing!

There are 3 key components to look for:
  • Counseling with a Graduate-level therapist;
  • Sound recovery material to work with and
  • A support group to participate in.
  • When investigating a recovery model and interviewing a therapist, it is important to ask questions: Do they fully understand the model they're using? Is the program time-tested and backed by research and scientific publication? Do they have personal experience recovering from sexual addiction and working with people seeking Christian help with pornography? And finally, do they possess the proper training to effectively use the model?

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