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Christian Pornography Addiction

QUESTION: What are the key elements in the phenomenon of Christian pornography addiction and recovery?


The phenomenon of Christian pornography addiction is becoming more and more common. In fact, a recent Promise Keepers survey reveals that over 75% of the Christian men interviewed have struggled with this very issue. If you can relate, the good news is you are certainly not alone. Every day, thousands of Christian men are beating this addiction and you can too! The bottom line is, just because this is happening in your life, doesn't mean you're a hypocrite-it just means you need a little help.

When it comes to the origins and symptoms of this problem, Christian pornography addiction reveals significant spiritual, physical and emotional implications. First, many struggling with this issue report feeling a distance from God; being stuck and cut-off from his power limits our potential to break free. Physically, after acting-out with porn and other forms of sexual addiction, a decrease in energy, motivation, and sense of direction is common. God wants to reveal His purpose and redemption power in our lives as we begin to live soberly. Also, anger, shame, and guilt can cripple those who are in the throes of Christian pornography addiction. Can you relate?

While prayer is vitally important in treating Christian pornography addiction, it's not the only thing we need to do to break free. According to experts who specialize in Christian pornography addiction, many addicts feel hurt, anger, or depression because God hasn't "pressed the magic button" that would instantly set them free. The truth is that God does want to partner with youin breaking free. He does ask each of us to look deeply at the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual roots of this problem. Just as this issue didn't begin from just a spiritual frame-many have been sexual abused and/or emotionally neglected-it isn't "solved" in a solely spiritual manner either.

There are three key components to recovery from Christian pornography addiction:
  • Counseling with an educated, well-trained therapist;
  • Recovery Literature to help you "retrain the brain;" and
  • Support from others who are struggling with the same issue.
  • When considering a recovery model/program and/or interviewing a therapist, ask questions such as the following:
    • What specific training do you have for the model you're using?
    • Is the model time-tested and backed by research and/or scientific publication?
    • Do you have personal experience recovering from sexual addiction?
    • Do you specialize in working with Christian pornography addiction?
    • Do you offer recovery materials and groups to supplement the counseling work you do?
    If you can get the answers you're looking for, chances are the individual and his/her programs will be beneficial and effective.

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