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Drug Addiction Treatment

QUESTION: What are some options for drug addiction treatment?


Are you searching for options for drug addiction treatment? Or are you concerned for a loved one who is dependent on drugs? Addictions will range from tobacco to alcohol and from illicit (street) drugs to prescriptions. The dependent person has gnawing cravings deep inside every muscle of the body that become painful and uncomfortable. This gnawing causes the undesired behavior of the dependent person and sends loved ones in search of options for drug addiction treatment.

Drug addiction treatment programs are either short-term/long term residential programs or outpatient treatment. Short-term residential programs mean a thirty-day, inpatient stay at a medically-based center, faith-based center, or both. A long-term residential treatment program is an inpatient stay between three to eighteen months. Many of these long-term programs are faith-based because insurances rarely pay for more than four weeks.

Faith-based treatment programs
These faith-based programs work with the person’s determination to replace his debilitating lifestyle with a faith in God. Many of these centers also have medical professionals involved in the treatment.

Medically-based treatment programs
Medically-based treatment programs for drug addiction have medical professionals trained in substance abuse/dependency therapy. Faith is not part of the program. Interestingly enough, these treatment programs have little success rate. Clients return with the same problem that may have worsened. Researchers have found that these clients cannot maintain an addiction-free lifestyle without continued personal, professional support.

Outpatient drug addiction treatment programs
The outpatient drug addiction treatments are programs like AA (Alcohol Anonymous), NA (Narcotics Anonymous), and Synanon. These programs tout a 5% success rate which is about a 4% higher success rate over the medically-based therapies. This statistic means that 5% of all the clients that attend programs such as NA do not return to the program with relapses in the addictive behavior.1 Faith-based drug addiction programs have a much higher success rate of 85% to 90% because the clients not only admit their problem, but they also realize their need for God as their strength to live a drug-free life.2

Search Questions
When looking for drug addiction treatment programs or centers, ask these questions:
  • What types of programs are offered at the center?
  • How much does the program cost?
  • How long does the program last?
  • Is the drug rehab program medically based, faith based, or both?
  • What involvement does the family have during the treatment program?
  • Do they have continuing-care programs after the treatment has ended?
My husband and I were addicted to painkillers prescribed by a doctor specializing in pain treatment. I had incurred a severe back injury during my work as a psychiatric nurse. Ten years later, my husband fell off our roof and broke his back. We both deal with severe, chronic back pain. The doctor prescribed Oxycontin and all the other medications that go along with it. After one pill, we were addicted.

The gnawing and craving started deep inside the body. My nursing skills told me I was addicted. My family grew concerned as my husband and I lost weight too fast. When they asked us to stop the medication, we did. Without enough money for drug addiction treatment, we kicked the medication cold turkey. Although cold turkey isn’t the safest way to detoxify, it can be done. God safely saw us through the four weeks of detoxification. We used prayer, Bible reading, lots of rest, and soothing baths to help us through. Today, we are glad we made the effort; we’re addiction free!

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