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How To Find A Job

QUESTION: How to find a job - What tips can you give me?


Sometimes is seems impossible to figure out how to find a job. Most jobs are never advertised, but are filled by referrals through word of mouth. Call everyone you know and tell them you are "back in the hunt, looking for a new opportunity." Ask them to think of someone who might be looking for an employee. It is something that most people do not think about on a regular basis, so prompt them.

Networking is everything, so hit the streets. The more companies you talk to the better chance you have of landing a job. Go see your friends where they work (ask permission first). If their boss likes your friend, they might know of a situation for you that your friend was unaware of.

Resumes will not get you a job. Instead, your resume might get you an interview. Write out a resume specific for each position. Take words from the job description and weave them into your resume. In this day of easy access to a word processor, there is no excuse for not doing this activity.

Always be honest on your education, experience, and qualifications. These can be verified and if false, they provide grounds for termination. Being terminated for dishonesty is worse than never being hired.

This is not a time to take a vacation. Your job now is to get a new job. However, take time to relax.
  • Do some yard-work or house chores that you have been meaning to do. Achieving something, even minor will give you a sense of accomplishment - but do not over do it by starting a large project that may take too long or go unfinished once you start that new job. Plus, watch those finances.

  • Take some time to volunteer at a non-profit organization whose mission you love. Having a few extra hours to give away is a blessing. You might make some contacts! Go with the attitude of giving, expecting nothing in return, and cherish the joy in your heart. It will help sustain you.
Remember these tips on how to find a job:
  • Write it down! Journal your thoughts, feelings, and prayers. Write out your negative thoughts and do not share them with anyone. You would be surprised the amount of energy that is wasted on negative thoughts, especially conversations that never occur.

  • Do not drink excessively. Alcohol is a drug, a depressant with highly addictive qualities. It would be very easy for someone to self-medicate with this easily available non-prescription drug.

  • Watch what you eat. Depression causes many to change their diets. Some overeat and gain weight, some stop eating and both cause a loss of energy. Both are dangerous in this time when you want to be fit, energetic, and ready for a new chapter in life.

  • Again, share your situation with your friends in whom you trust. Consult a church leader or pastor who is experienced in personal counseling and ready to lend you a listening ear.
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