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Menopause Help

QUESTION: Where can I find menopause help?


Menopause help is both diversified and plentiful in the medical community and through alternative forms of treatment. In recent years, the use of synthesized hormones commonly known as hormone replacement therapy (HRT) has been challenged by studies linking the use of HRT with increased risks associated with blood clots, strokes, and cancer.

The mental health community strongly encourages working women with concerns about finding help with menopause to consciously work at maintaining good nutrition and adequate rest. Career demands and frantic schedules can easily drain the hormonal balance at a time when a woman's body needs some extra care. Maintaining a positive outlook on life and minimizing stress are two important goals for management of the symptoms of menopause.

  • Where can you find the kind of menopause help you need?
  • Begin with a visit to your family physician or gynecologist to verify that you are in menopause.
  • Investigate the options available through the medical community. Consider natural or homeopathic remedies for treatment of mild to moderate symptoms.
  • You may find practical help at your local health food store.
  • Research online.
A couple of visits with a Licensed Professional Counselor can provide invaluable tools for stress management and coping mechanisms for transitioning through menopause. Involvement in a local church will offer the wonderful support of other women, while helping you draw upon the strength of God, who made the wonderful body you have.

Perhaps the most important thing of all is that you become proactive. No other human being knows your body better than you do. So, get out there and access menopause help from the myriad of choices and venues available!

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