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Possible Miscarriage

QUESTION: Possible miscarriage - Could it happen to me?


My mind raced with thoughts of the future as my wife was having a possible miscarriage. We were not sure it was happening as we rushed to the hospital, but not long after arriving, the doctor gave us the news. It was no longer a possible miscarriage. It was the real thing and it was happening to us.

We had loved the baby my wife was carrying. His name was Scott. My three year old daughter was all set to be the "little mom" to him. She was going to have a brother and all of us were excited to welcome him into the family. Now, we would never meet him. Or would we?

This one little question brought about the primary way our family coped with this miscarriage. When our young daughter heard our baby would not be born, she said, "Now I have to wait until heaven to meet my brother." That was her attitude and it quickly became my wife's and mine, too. This was not just a fantasy hope. It was what the Bible taught us.

Yes, the miscarriage had taken our baby from us. But according to the Bible, he was now in heaven and when the Lord says our days our over, we will go to heaven and have all of eternity to get to know Scott (John 3:16). This fact has more than helped us cope. It has helped us look forward even more to heaven!

The miscarriage caused us to think many things through. Our final reasoning went like this:
  • God is all powerful and all loving.
  • God could have prevented the miscarriage, but He did not do so.
  • Therefore, the loving, perfect plan of God was to have Scott only live for a few months inside his mother.
  • We will meet Scott in heaven someday.
  • As in all things, we will find our peace in God.
Possible miscarriage or actual miscarriage: either way, the emotions involved are real and it is one of the best times to turn to the Lord for strength. If you are not yet able to do that, now would be a great time to read more about God and His love!

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