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Post Abortion Symptoms

QUESTION: What are some post abortion symptoms?


The effects of abortion on a society are numerous and post abortion symptoms are prevalent among the woman of our society. The abortion phenomenon has been victimizing women as well as the unborn. The tragedy lies in abortion clinics forgetting that a woman has a heart and a mind. The clinics ignore post abortion symptoms.

Post abortion symptoms are numerous. One of them is post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). PTSD is a psychological disorder that affects individuals who have been involved in intense traumatic events such as torture, murder, rape, or war. Often PTSD includes frequently rehashing the event in the mind of the effected individual: nightmares, fatigue, irritability, nervousness, forgetfulness, and/or social withdraw.

Sexual dysfunction is another post abortion symptom. This may consist of not gaining pleasure during intercourse, experiencing pain during intercourse, refraining from intercourse, avoiding any activity with men, or an increased sex-drive.

Relationship problems often occur after an abortion. This is possibly due to sexual dysfunction, especially considering many women withdraw socially. Adding to relationship problems is the effect of another pregnancy among women who have opted or have been coerced into an abortion. The second pregnancy often leads to another abortion.
Studies display several concerns regarding the effect of abortion on women. Clinical depression is prevalent among married women who have had an abortion. Suicidal thoughts are common among teenagers who have recently had an abortion. Eating disorders are widespread in post abortion symptoms for women of all ages.

The suggestion that there is no correlation between these symptoms and women who have had abortions is outrageous. Medical journals have stepped out of their comfort zone and published articles that overcome the pro-choice rhetoric. Some have argued abortion as harmless; we now know abortion causes the death of a child and also creates a deeply wounded woman.

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