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Retirement Advice

QUESTION: Do you have any retirement advice?


A recent article on retirement from USA Today stated: “Retirement plans fall short, a majority of American workers continue to believe they’ll have enough money for a comfortable retirement but few have saved enough to ensure that will happen.”

The overall confidence of workers about their retirement savings remains high, although the workers acknowledge that they haven’t saved much at all. Craig Copeland, a senior research associate at EBRI, believes that many people are procrastinating when it comes to retirement preparation. Most people say they live month-to-month, and their attitude is that they will get by. “Retirement savings is something you must finance first,” Mr. Copeland said. “It’s not what’s left over.”

Money management is the number one concern for those entering retirement. Advice is given daily to those with questions about their finances. Have I saved enough? What expenses can I expect should my living situation change due to catastrophic disasters or sickness?

If you own your home, there are now three ways to obtain money from your home.
  • You could sell your home for the immediate use of the cash equity, but then you would have to move somewhere else. This is a good choice for those who wish to buy an RV and travel the country.
  • You could borrow against the equity of your home, but then you would have to make monthly payments again. This is a good choice as long as interest rates remain low and stable.
  • Now you can opt for reverse mortgages, but one needs to really research this option to see if it is right for you.
Everything we own belongs to God—including money—and He will use it to direct our lives if we will only allow Him! Our faith tells us that God will provide, for us, our every need “Do not cast me away when I am old; do not forsake me when my strength is gone” (Psalm 71:9).

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