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Sexual Addiction Recovery

QUESTION: Sexual addiction recovery - Is it possible?


Read this account of sexual addiction recovery:

"I started to realize that I was truly addicted and what I was doing was wrong, so I tried to quit. I went through my stash of magazines and videos and threw them all away. But within a week, I'd go out and buy some more, and build my stash again, only to eventually throw those away as well. This vicious cycle went on for about five years, during which I quit probably close to 100 times.

"Then I started looking outside of myself for help. The recovery process brought about several positive changes in me. God has restored my life to a point where I can look at myself in the mirror without disgust. He has taken away my desire to wander around the internet, or to go to places that sell those kinds of magazines. He has made me aware of the triggers that could rekindle that desire, and given me tools to combat those triggers, including a caring support group that I can call on at any time."

If you can identify with this man's story, you need to find help. The first step is to discover if you have an addiction. The authors of Every Man's Battle give several characteristics of sexual addiction:
  • Addictive sex is done in isolation and is devoid of relationships.
  • Addictive sex is secretive.
  • Addictive sex is devoid of intimacy.
  • Addictive sex is victimizing.
  • Addictive sex ends in despair.
  • Addictive sex is used to escape pain and problems.
If you want to purify your mind and heart, we recommend you contact a support ministry that specializes in sexual addiction recovery.

Learn More About Sexual Addiction.

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