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Surviving Separation

QUESTION: Surviving separation - What can I do to help my marriage pull through?


Surviving separation is heart-breaking for me, especially after many years of being married. I thought everything was going fine and now I am feeling emotionally confused. I thought we were happy. My friends and family think I am crazy to save this marriage at all costs, but I am determined to survive the separation.

When I married, in the eyes of God, I made a commitment to the sacredness of our union. Regardless of how troubled my relationship is and even though I do not quite understand what went wrong, choosing to love my spouse in spite of our issues is my goal.

Someone must take the initiative to begin the process of loving, so I accept this task, walking in obedience and trusting God for a miracle. Turning to the Lord for strength, seeking wisdom, and knowledge requires divine measures and God can sustain and ease my pain.

In the Old Testament book of Hosea the Bible says, "Love her as the Lord loves the Israelites, though they turn to other gods and love the sacred raisin cakes." This can apply to either spouse, male or female. The story in Hosea gives the ultimate pattern for love, a love without limits and how God can reunite couples. I must remember that God often gives advice contrary to how the world teaches. To save my marriage I must swallow my pride and seek the counsel of the Lord.

My lifeline is God's Word and His unconditional love for me encourages and this knowledge equips me to hang on during moments when I feel like giving up. If I need to change in order to become the wife God wants me to be, I must be open to His direction, replacing bitterness with love.

I believe it's important to surround myself with friends who affirm and encourage, offering me positive biblical advice. All of us become lovable by loving, and surviving a separation can challenge even the best, but real love is needed to restore any marriage.

Turn to God's Word, find someone you trust, spend time in prayer, and seek the Lord's guidance in restoring your marriage. No matter the outcome, remember, you will always be loved by God, you are special to Him and the Lord will see you through.

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