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Depression and Suicide

QUESTION: Depression and suicide - Is there a connection?


Yes, depression and suicide are linked. Thoughts of suicide are one of the symptoms of deepening depression. Other symptoms of depression include a change in appetite, changes in sleep patterns, feelings of sadness or worthlessness, crying frequently, and a lack of interest in activities and interacting with people. A person may have only a few of the symptoms and may never have thoughts of suicide as a symptom of their depression. However, suicidal thoughts are a symptom that should not to be taken lightly.

In my case, the thoughts of suicide came upon me slowly. I had been in denial about being depressed, as many depressed people are. I had very few of the classic symptoms of depression and I thought I could certainly deal with my problems on my own. I didn't want to admit to myself or anyone else that I really was depressed. I was smart, responsible and had family that loved and cared about me. How could I be depressed?

Then I started to have thoughts about suicide. At first, the thoughts were abstract thoughts like I wondered how people actually tied the knots to hang themselves or why showers were often chosen as a site for carrying out such an act. I still denied I was depressed. Later my suicidal thoughts came more frequently and were of more substance. I began actually to connect myself with the thoughts and the act. At this time, I began to realize I was depressed.

I was finally able to admit both to myself and others that I had a problem with depression. I felt like I had a voice inside my head urging me to do things I knew were suicidal. At this point, I was still quite capable of warding off the voice. But I am fairly confident that had my depression gone untreated, the suicide thoughts would have continued to grow stronger and gain momentum.

Clinical depression is caused by a chemical imbalance in the brain. It is not something that people can generally just get control of on their own. But the disease can be treated with medication and/or counseling with a qualified counselor. As soon as I started getting effective treatment, the suicidal thoughts disappeared as quickly as they had appeared. I learned how to cope with my depression.

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